Help Jack

"But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper" -Isaiah 54 : 17

What is the plan?

After seeing the hopeful second image of Jack’s brain, doctors thought they will be able to remove 90% of the tumor. On May 8th at Seattle Children’s Hospital, neurosurgeons were able to remove it ALL of it! Though the next ten days post-surgery seemed to be a nearly unbearable time of waiting, the examination of the tumor proved that it was benign and that Jack would not need any treatment for cancer! Interlaced with all of the good news is the fact that Jack still struggles with the complications that one has after brain surgery. Sleepless nights and tearful days remain for Mommy and Daddy, but Jack gives them signs of recovery nearly every day. On May 18th he smiled for the first time since surgery!

The next step is for Jack to recover enough from the brain surgery that he can start rehabilitation, which will take place over about a 30-day period at the hospital. We're not exactly sure when that will begin, as Jack still depends on the monitors/drains/feeds he's connected to, and on the wonderful care he's receiving from the nurses and doctors at Seattle Children's. Check the updates page for more information

Why are we raising money for Jack and his family?

We are hoping to lessen or remove the financial burden that Jack's family is already starting to feel, as a result of what's happened. Aside from all the uninsured portions of medical bills that accompany brain surgery and recovery, there are additional costs. Should complications arise, one of his parents may have to quit their job (both are middle school teachers) to take special care of Jack. Please consider helping Jack and his family by donating. Every little bit helps.

How can you help, if not financially?

Prayer for healing - sign up on this schedule to cover Jack and his family in prayer. Messages of comfort, and testimonies of hope if you have endured a similar situation - Leave them a message here. or "like" the Facebook page and write a note there. Here are some other ways you can help Jack. All of these things will help Jack heal, and will help Jack's family get through this difficult time.