Help Jack

"But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper" -Isaiah 54 : 17

  • Posted by: Feb 08 2018 05:07pm
    Sometimes small things make all the difference. We were at Jack’s sister’s soccer game this afternoon, and Jack asked if he could run around the track. We were remembering back to when he was in the hospital and we were pondering if he would ever walk again. There he was ... running around the field. Blessings come in all forms. Love you son. You are my hero.❤️ Daddy
  • Posted by: Sep 06 2017 05:04pm
    Our SuperJack started 4th grade today.
    LOVE this happy kid! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Posted by: May 24 2017 03:23pm
    Oncologist: "100%. Could not look any better."


    Thank you for your prayers!!!
  • Posted by: May 24 2017 12:05pm
    MRI is done. Now ... yummy cafeteria food with this silly boy while we wait for the results!
  • Posted by: May 24 2017 09:45am
    Here we go! Pray for boring!
  • Posted by: May 19 2017 09:17pm
    Prayer Warriors - behold, the fruits of your praying labor: not only can SuperJack run again; he is FAST!! Proof - his recent double ⚾️ ⚾️ ⚾️

    His 5-year MRI is coming up on Wednesday (May 24). Of course we are expecting good news, but could you please pray for "boring" again? Scan is at 10:15, meeting with his neurosurgery/oncology team is at 2:30. A day of anxiety for us, but a fun day in Seattle for Jack. He has no fear of going - he looks forward to it. Skip school! SCH cafeteria food!! Mom and dad to himself!! Now that he's familiar with U Village, froyo at Menchies!! I don't say no much on MRI days. It's the life, baby. 😊

    We so appreciate your faithful prayers, and we will keep you posted on Wednesday. Thank you!
  • Posted by: May 09 2017 09:04pm

  • Posted by: May 08 2017 07:02am
    Just a little snap from one of the poster children for HOPE 😊 on this anniversary of his brain tumor resection. 5 years and doing amazing - and tomorrow, he turns 10; let that sink in and encourage you this morning!!

    We ❤️ our prayer warriors!!
  • Posted by: Feb 07 2017 03:20pm
    Happy Snow Day Prayer Warriors! ❄️❄️❄️

    First off, GOD BLESS THE THERAPISTS at Children's Therapy Unit in Puyallup. As you all know, when Jack first started at CTU he wasn't safe to walk without adults on either side and had to mostly crawl to get places. PT has worked with him nonstop for almost 5 years; the progress is amazing, and more than we even dared to hope for. Thank you David and Brenna and Melissa!!

    So now our SuperJack is all hooked up to this awesome machine that retrains his "toe lift" muscles to trigger on the right with the push of a button (I have to follow him around and push it every time his muscle should be activating. Which is harder than it seems, because he thinks it's hysterical to try and out-pace me. While he's literally connected to me with wires. Funny kid). Anyway, cute as his little limp is, maybe he'll be able to walk without it someday!
  • Posted by: Jan 28 2017 02:54pm
    Jack tested for his green belt today and are proud of how much he has achieved. His kicks aren't super high, and his right side isn't as strong, but this kid - keeps on going and doesn't give up as you can see from the longer video. Your mommy and me are so proud of you!!❤❤❤
  • Posted by: Jan 04 2017 08:42am
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2017 bring health and prosperity to you and may God bless you richly!
  • Posted by: Dec 24 2016 07:04am
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us.
  • Posted by: Nov 23 2016 09:46am
    Well, Jack's head is five teeth lighter now. The surgery went very well. One root broke and they had to get it, but other than that it was quick with no surprises. He is now recovering (after a shake) playing Nintendo Mario Bros! Thanks for your prayers as we continue on our amazing journey with Jack. God Bless. 😊🙏🏻
  • Posted by: Nov 22 2016 02:17pm
    Eyes yesterday were the same - still has (and likely will have) the 50% vision loss on the right side of both eyes. Good news - the vision he does have is perfect! Today we are at a pre-consult with the oral surgeon to prepare for a big five-tooth extraction tomorrow (Wednesday!) Love this boy!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for prayers tomorrow!
  • Posted by: Nov 21 2016 10:12am
    So thankful for this amazing place - as you already know! We are here checking Jack's 50% vision cut and his eyes in general. We were (mommy and I) having a discussion last night about today's appointment and the ramifications of a 50% vision cut and his ability to get or not get a drivers license when he is older. We both came to the consensus that we are so very thankful and blessed that Jack is here with us. There is plenty of time for massive medical an vision advancements before he is of the age to drive. Right now we are just thankful he is here with us.❤️🙏🏻 Again, thank-you for your continued prayers on our journey!
  • Posted by: Sep 17 2016 12:32pm
    Superman and Supergirl got to meet their hero ... 💙💚💙💚
  • Posted by: Sep 07 2016 02:18pm
    First day of third grade for SuperJack!
  • Posted by: Sep 06 2016 03:42pm
    Great story here! Backtrack to 1984-6 when I was in high school with some really neat people. Two of these really nice band friends became married and had a son named Zach Davies. Fast forward to 2012 when Jack went through his tumor surgery and recovery. Zach was moving his way up the professional baseball ranks. He took the time to write Jack a most wonderful handwritten letter. The letter was included with some signed memorabilia and a promise that when Zach made it to the big leagues, and played the Mariners, he would get Jack (and us) tickets to the game so he could meet Jack! Well, Zach is a pitcher for the Brewers and made good on his promise their last road trip here. We ended up getting batting practice passes and were right next to the field! The seats were spectacular as well. Jack and us were so excited - for the game, but most of all for the chance to meet and say thanks to this wonderful human being. Jack wore the arm sleeve Zach gave him and he was so excited to meet Zach after all he had done. When Zach finally had to leave because the game was going to start, he presented Jack with an official Zach Davies signed bat. We are so humbled and thankful for being able to meet and say thanks to this wonderful person. Thank-you Zack for all you have done and God bless you in your life and career!
  • Posted by: Aug 25 2016 06:02pm
    Only a few days before 3rd grade starts - gotta get my snuggles in!! 💚💙💚💙💚
  • Posted by: Aug 14 2016 10:12pm
    ❤️ Sleep well buddy. Daddy loves you!
  • Posted by: May 08 2016 04:10pm
    Writing a book about what he's already done and what he wants to do someday. This kid's gonna change the world, I'm telling you. 💚
  • Posted by: May 08 2016 08:54am
    Four years ago today. WOW.

    I love/hate this picture. They saved his life but oh what a painful, scary time. Please know that we appreciate you, our prayer warriors, and can never find the words to express our gratitude for lifting him up SO MANY TIMES over the last four years.

    And tomorrow our SuperJack gets to turn 9!!!!
  • Posted by: May 04 2016 03:15pm
    😎😎😎SCANS LOOK GREAT!!!! 😎😎😎

    SuperJack with his awesome oncologist, Dr. Geyer, and also one of his angels, neurosurgeon Dr. Amy Lee. Thank you for your prayers!! 💕